As a west coast girl living in the DFW Metroplex, I hunger for water. Water is where my soul rests, my mind calms, and my heart finds peace. Water is also where I feel the most connected- to earth, to God, to others- everything clarifies once I am shore-side. The shoreline, where water meets land, feels a lot like life- ebbs and flows, churning, rough, gentle, predictable yet unexpected, powerful and forgiving, and new everyday.

I grew up going to the water whenever I wanted- without second thought. But now, getting to the water is harder. So, I have created my own personal shoreline here. The place where I feel the most brave and the most afraid at the same time-The place where I am aware of my strength and vulnerability simultaneously. The shoreline of writing is new to me- and yet it feels like home. As you read, imagine each post as my effort to dig my toes a little deeper into the cold, wet sand- letting the water wash over.