Coming home.

This week, Kelli and I are fortunate enough to be vacationing in Maui with our good friends. To say it is beautiful is an understatement.

I am grateful to have a week to rest, recharge and recooperate after a busy year. And I am grateful to be back by the sea.

The sea feels like home to me, no matter the coast, no matter the ocean, the sea is where I feel welcomed, comforted, invited, and at peace. In the hardest times of my life, the sea has been the place I have sought refuge. Maybe because the sea models reconciliation and peace in it’s very being, with the constant negotiation of boundaries between the water and the land…maybe because the waves offer dependable yet ever changing motion that mirrors so much of life and remind me that all will be well, or maybe because it is usually, more often than not, a stunning reminder of Gods creative abundance and love…no matter the reason, the sea is where my heart rests.

The way the shore and the sand coexist together is beautiful, and reminds me that things are constantly being made new. And in this season of my life, I need that reminder.

May you find places where you feel home, where you feel peace, and where you feel welcome. And if you are in need of such a place, head to the sea, and let her work her magic.



In case you needed a reminder

One of the ways I can tell I am stressed or anxious about something is when I start to lose or misplace things. I am the type of person that makes stacks, or piles, but I can tell you where everything is. And I keep things in the same place…I’m a creature of habit, for sure.

A couple weeks ago, I was returning an item to a store, and I was driving Kelli’s truck. I was anxious about stuff going on a work and a little stressed about an upcoming event, so I was on autopilot with things, and relying on things to be where they normally are. That is all well and good, most days, but on a day when I am not driving my car, my autopilot quickly became problematic. You see, with my car, I have a fob and push button start. So I leave my fob in my purse and dont have to worry, in walk up to my car and boom, we are in business. In Kelli’s truck, it’s a key and ignition situation. I made my return, got to the truck and remembered I needed to dig out keys. So I dug, and dug. Nothing.

So I retraced steps and found the keys at the counter. Thank God.

I got in the truck and took a deep breath, realizing that my auto pilot needed to be turned off, and I needed to be more present. I said a little “woosah” and went on with my day.

Fast forward to today… I went to workout, stopped and got a treat at Starbucks (hello, Caramel Brulee latte, and welcome to the most wonderful time of the year)…and then remembered I needed to return another item to another store, along with running some other errands.

Me and the Greatest Showman soundtrack were cruising on this gorgeous day, and I made my return with ease.

I drove to an ATM to get cash ahead of our trip and realized my wallet was GONE. I dug in my purse. Nothing.

I pulled my car over and looked all over the place. Nothing.

Back seat. Nothing.

Under the seat. Nothing.

I immediately called the store I had just left, criticizing myself for absent mindedly leaving my wallet there…but they didnt have it. Not in the back office, not in lost and found.

I hurriedly drove back to the store, hoping it would be found. But when I got there, nothing.

So I said a prayer and went to the parking lot. I looked where I had parked. Nothing.

Panic set in as I began to think of all I would have to do. All I would have to replace. And the panic was compounded by the fact that we leave on a big trip….TOMORROW.

There was another car in the spot I had been in, so I took a deep breath, got on my hands and knees, and looked under the car.

By the grace of God, there was my wallet. It hadn’t been run over, and everything was in it…it was safe and sound. I said “God is good” as I clutched my wallet safely in my hands.

I went back in the store and told the sweet lady who had been helping me, and she said “girl, the grace of God is covering you today! Enjoy your trip!”

I got back in my car and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. I called Kelli and she said “you are so lucky”…so, so true. We hung up and I said another quick prayer of gratitude because today, and all days, the grace of God covered me, and saved me from myself.

My autopilot self was focused on my to-do list and all the things I need to accomplish ahead of our trip. And just like that, my wallet fell out of my purse. I am incredibly lucky that my day is still free to complete the errands I need to run, and not frantically figuring out how I’m going to make it on the plane tomorrow…

It is time for me to take another deep breath, let go of the stress and anxiety the last couple weeks have held, and enjoy the day.

The weather is beautiful, everything will get done, and tomorrow….tomorrow we get to go on an amazing vacation.

God is Good, and the grace of God covers all of us. And today, I am especially grateful for the (altogether inconvenient, yet important) reminder to slow down, breathe deep, and be present.

Happy Friday, y’all, breathe in, breathe out….and may you know how deeply you’re loved, and that wherever you go, God’s grace will be with you!